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Functions of OSHA

The main function of OSHA is to conduct workplace inspections for ensuring whether employers meet minimum requirements of the OHS Act, and providing a safe and healthful workplace. Also, other functions are as follows:-

-    To create conducive environment for the participation of stakeholders engaging in occupational health and safety;

-    To guide the reform of legal and regulatory framework and harmonize national, regional and international laws and standards on occupational health and safety;
-    To develop comprehensive information, guidelines, recording, notification and reporting system and database for work related accidents and diseases;

-    To establish adequate funding arrangements to fund OSHA activities;
-    To promote research and develop additional research capacity;
-    To improve occupational health and safety skills and human resources in public and private sector;
-    To put in place programs to raise OSH awareness and produce OSH technical guidance in small scale manufacturing enterprises and the informal sector;
-    To mainstream cross- cutting and cross sectoral issues.

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